Ruchi Kothari imbibes the rich culture from the India’s roots to reflect and reawaken the antiquity of Indian craftsmanship in contemporary style as the magnetism towards the Indian Ethic Wear has increased over the years around the world. From 2007 ,First Layer pledges to delight all the fashionistas with a new dimension of fusion wear, with the blend of Indian ethnic and contemporary designs. Each outfit is designed with emphasis on the inter-play of pure fabrics and extraordinary silhouettes to create a fusion’ of styles in a rich palette of vivid colors to define the ethnicity in new fad. Ruchi Kothari’s splendid designing is known for infusing her intricate workmanship into every inch of her designs. Classic yet Voguish, Enticing yet Elegant are her creations and the outfits exude a profuse charm and display an eye for detail. Ruchi’s prowess is the innate understanding of the need to fuse tradition with contemporary in order to let the outfit outshine with its ethereal and dainty look.

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